Who is RielBeauty ?

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I’m RielBeauty (most people call me Riel for short) and i’m the founder of RielBeauty LLC est. 2015! I am a 23 year old entrepreneur and my brand’s mission is to help everyone feel beautiful inside and out through cruelty-free skincare and beauty! Most don’t take time for self-care when I believe it is super important for our health. When we take care of ourselves we feel better and can express our internal beauty, externally to others & other avenues of our lives. When you love yourself you tend to make better decisions and emit good vibrations towards the world because the energy self-care brings is peace, love, and positivity.

The word beauty itself can take on many forms but the truest meaning is embodying your true positive aura inside and out. This is the meaning behind RielBeauty. It’s a pun on "real" and it’s also a part of my name so it manifested perfectly. Real beauty is the kindness and love we give ourselves as well as treating others genuinely. 

Overall I am passionate about all things beauty and I want this brand

to remind everyone to take time out of their day to take care of their bodies, mind, and soul inside and out! Everything on my site is handpicked or created by me and I guarantee the highest quality in customer service as well as products. Thank you for stopping by and supporting small businesses like mine!

Love, RielBeauty


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