Lavender Lover

Lavender Lover

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10 ounces of lavender sugar lip scrub! Rename and repackage this dreamy lavender lip scrub for your beauty business! Real organic lavender essential oil and lavender buds. Comes in a purple hue.
How To: Add enough to exfoliate your entire lips and scrub away dead skin to naturally plump lips! 

(Lavender buds will be in a separate packet for you to add or leave out as desired.)
Storage: Store in a cool dry place! Lip scrub containers are not included! No logo on product ready for your brand!

Cruelty-Free and made in the USA ! 


•Organic undiluted 100% lavender essential oil.

•Organic lavender buds (food grade) 

•Organic virgin coconut oil 

•Organic food grade food coloring (little is added to create the purple color ! 


Always made with high quality natural ingredients!